Club Roles

Created on 29 July 2015 Published on 29 July 2015
Written by Super User

There are a few responsibilities that go along with the honour of filling each of the roles listed below:

Runs the show
Doesn’t do any work!?!
But helps out with any (all?) of the other roles when vacant ...
Gets all the glory
Takes the blame (sometimes)
Second delegate to ONSW

Maintains club records
Supports the President?!?
Delegate to ONSW

Prepare annual budget
Maintain club accounts (preferably on MYOB)
Pay expenses
Recording and reconciling event income and expenses
Preparation of financial reports (monthly, events, annual)
Coordinates membership with ONSW
This role requires about 6-8 hours/month.
Desirable experience: prior book-keeping or treasurer; MYOB & Excel skills

Events Coordinator:
Organise annual calendar of events
Coordinate land access / permits
Organise course-setters
Coordinate event details
Organise prizes for State Champs and SuperSeries
Third delegate to ONSW (if required)

Maintains website
Updates content
Develops new content under direction from Club Executive

Newsletter Editor:
Compiles content
Publishes monthly (Feb-Nov)
Maintains mailing list

Equipment Manager:
Store the gear
Maintain the gear
Make available as needed for events
Budget for replacement / purchase

Events Organiser:
For each event:
Prepare details
Entry form
Organise requirements for event
Arrange map printing
Prepare entry data for SI input, registration, start lists
Routine admin
Arrange equipment transport
Monitor budget / expenses
Results publication

SportIdent (SI) Officers: (multiple roles)
Get gear before each event
Program controls
Set up OE event software with event details
Run SI on the day
Publish results within 24 hours
Return gear

Land Access Manager:
Maintain relationships with land owners
Apply for land access / permits
Coordinate plans
Coordinate map updating / new mapping

Mapping Coordinator:
Maintain electronic library of MTBO maps
Ensure regular updating
Manage mapping standards
Manage production of new maps
Keep records of map usage

Publicity Officer:
Event calendar / notifications to others:
AR organisers
MTB forums
Online diaries
ONSW newsletters
Brochures / flyers to bike shops
Local press in event areas
Articles in magazines
Chat threads on online forums

Sponsorship Manager:
Find and manage (keep) sponsors
Ensure publicity for sponsors
Get sponsorship funds / prizes

SuperSeries Scorer:
Calculate scores after each round
Provide update reports

Coursesetters: (multiple roles)
Determine type of event
Identify Start / finish area
Set courses
Put out controls
Run starts
Provide control collection maps
Write event reports

Event volunteers: (multiple roles)
Transport gear to/from event
Set up event centre, start / finish
Staff registration desk
Assist with starts
Assist with finishes
Collect controls
Pack up event centre


If you feel you can fill any of these roles, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.